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PowerCase 1600mAh for iPhone [PD126-16]


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Product SKU: 17764

The PowerCase extends the battery life of your iPhone 4 by doubling its charging capacity. Talk, listen, watch, play and work for longer without adding bulk to your iPhone 4.

  Using the supplied micro USB cable you can recharge both the iPhone and PowerCase simultaneously or connect to iTunes. LED indicator lights on the back of the PowerCase lets you know exactly how much juice is left in the tank so you are never left guessing. A single button allows you to operate the PowerCase - just press once to turn it on when you need the extra power, and press it again to turn it off when the iPhone is charged.

  The hard protective case has a rounded, slimline design so it adds little to the dimensions of the iPhone. The 1600mAh model will add 67g of weight while the 2200mAh model weighs just 85g. The two piece case ensures it is easy to insert and remove your iPhone whilst still giving you access to all the ports, jacks and buttons.

  • To use the PowerCase:
    Open the PowerCase by gently pulling the top section up. Slide in the iPhone 4 and replace the top.
    Press the button for 2 seconds to start charging
    Press the button for 2 seconds to stop charging
    Press the button for 1 second to see the PowerCase charge indicator:
    1 LED: 0-25%   2 LEDs: 25-50%   3LEDs: 50/75%    4LEDs: 75-100%

  • Not compatible with Verizon iPhone 4

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