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Toccata Keyboard Second Generation [PD123B]


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Product SKU: 17760

The PADACS Toccata Keyboard case is the perfect accessory for the heavy duty iPad user. With a built in Bluetooth keyboard this case is ideal for those who type emails, play games or avoid using the iPad's touch screen. Measuring 235x135mm the keyboard is large enough to type comfortably but without adding to the iPad case dimensions. Recharge the lithium battery with the included USB cable for up to 45 hours of use each charge.

A modern design gives the case a professional look whilst maintaining functionality. Fold into the laptop position when you want to use the keyboard, angling the iPad screen for ideal viewing or fold it back out of sight when the keyboard is not in use. The sturdy construction ensures your iPad is protected and magnets on the front cover keep the case closed when not in use.

The Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard is compatible with a range of devices including the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GH (with iOS4) and Bluetooth enabled devices running Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • Features:
    Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
    Silicone keyboard
    Synthetic leather
    Protective case

  • Package Contains:
    1 x black Toccata Keyboard case with built in Bluetooth Keyboard
    1 x USB charger cable

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